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Concrete Moisture Control Inc (CMCI) is pleased to bring you the finest moisture control systems available today. Every manufacturer that we have selected has a record of successful installations; we are proud to be certified applicators for each of them and guarantee your complete satisfaction. We specialize in resolving moisture related flooring problems associated with wet concrete slabs. If the Relative Humidity testing indicates that the slab still hasn't dried out we can apply a moisture vapor control product that will allow you to install your floor covering immediately. If you have a moisture related problem with an existing slab we can remediate the situation and guarantee that the problem has been resolved. Floor Blisters? Tile Cupping? Unpleasant Odor? Discoloration? Let us eliminate these conditions for you.


Testing Services


Unsure if your slab is wet? We offer testing services to give you the best outcome for your project.



We specialize in the finest Moisture Remediation Systems.

Other Services Offered


We offer a complete Moisture Remediation & Underlayment System to get the job done quickly and to keep your Project on schedule.




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Universities and Schools

Eastern Kentucky University-Richmond, KY

University of Wisconsin Williams Field House- Platteville, WI

University of Notre Dame ROLFS-Notre Dame, IN

Carmel High School Field House-Carmel, IN

Marion University Weight Room- Indianapolis, IN

Northwoods High School- Napany, IN

University of Michigan Weight Room- Ann Arbor, MI

Wayne State University Student Housing- Detroit, MI

Dickinson Elementary- Hamtramck, MI

Rochester Pre-K Facility- Rochester, MI

Dowagiac High School- Dowagiac, MI

South Lake High School- Saint Claire Shores, MI

University of Michigan Auxiliary Building- Ann Arbor, MI

University of Michigan Athletic Complex- Ann Arbor, MI

Pierce Middle School- Waterford, MI

West Middle School- Rochester, MI

Musson Elementary School- Rochester, MI

Hugger Elementary School- Rochester, MI

Schofield Elementary School- Warren, MI

Fort Gratiot Middle School- Port Huron, MI

Elsa Meyer Elementary School- Corunna, MI

Hamtramck High School- Hamtramck, MI

Schuyler High School- Schuyler, NE

Notre Dame Joyce Center- Notre Dame, IN

Harding Middle School- Steubenville, OH

Towson University- Towson, MD

Elk Grove High School- Elk Grove, IL

Noble Elementary- Golden Valley, MN

Wilson Elementary- Cincinnati, OH

University of Michigan Athletics South-Ann Arbor, MI

University of Wisconsin Health Fitness Cnt.- Madison, WI

University of Pittsburg- Pittsburg, PA

Spring Lake High School- Spring Lake Park, MN

Algonquin School- Fox River Grove, IL

Plymouth Middle School- Minneapolis, MN


Great Lakes Water Authority- Detroit, MI

Little Caesars Headquarters- Detroit, MI

T-Mobile-Lansing, MI

Echo Grove Camp- Leonard, MI

Somerset Mall Abercrombie Kids- Troy, MI

Toledo Museum- Toledo, OH

Oerlikon Metco- Plymouth, MI

BASF- Southfield, MI

Keytronics EMS- Corinth, MS

Mosaic Arena- Kansas City, MO

Western Diversified Plastics- Mattawan, MI

East Chicago Community Cnt- Chicago, IL

Sensus- Morrisville, NC

Banner Engineering- Aberdeen, SD

McMillan Park- Fort Wayne, IN

YMCA- Kansas City, MO

Bloomingdale Library- Bloomingdale, IL

Sandburg Learning Cnt.- Golden Valley, MN

Belvedere Assisted Living- Merrillville, IN

Sears- Roseville, MI

Sears- Troy, MI

Taubman Co.- Bloomfield Hills, MI

28 Grand- Detroit, MI

Macys Lakeside Mall- Sterling Heights, MI

CN Railway- Ferndale, MI

Breathe Salon- Brighton, MI

Masco- Livonia, MI

Canton Library- Canton, MI

FMC East- Dayton, OH

Hospitals & Clinics

IHA- South Lyon, MI

Schuerer Hospital- Pigeon, MI

DMC- Detroit, MI

Beaumont- Troy, MI

McLaren Macomb Hospital- Mt. Clemens, MI

Beaumont- Royal Oak, MI

Detroit Childrens Hospital- Detroit, MI

Beaumont- St. Clair Shores, MI

Henry Ford Medical Cnt.- Sterling Heights, MI

Henry Ford Medical Cnt.-Jackson, MI

Frequently asked questions

Additional Information

What is Moisture/Vapor Emission?

Moisture/Vapor Emission is the movement of moisture thru concrete.

Where does it come from?

There are five possibilities as to where moisture can come from:

1. Excess water added to new concrete to make it workable or pumped.

2. Humidity difference between the slab and the air above the slab.

3. Hydrostatic pressure (water table is higher than the slab).

4. Active source (rain water seeping under the slab, plumbing leak, etc.).

5. Job schedules do not allow sufficient time to "dry out".

My slab is over 28 days old, how can it still be wet?

The 28 day time table is relevant for hardness (80% designed psi) not dryness.

Why do I need to test the 3rd floor, surely there are no moisture concerns here?

Most pan filled cements are designed with light weight aggregate that act as miniature sponges,

plus additional water is needed in order for the cement to be pumped. This slab very well may

take longer to dry out than a slab on or below grade.

How can I dry out my slab?

You can dry out your slab by air conditioning your room-then  you wait.

How long will it take?

On average, if the environment conditions are 50% humidity with an air temperature of 73 degrees

it will take one month per inch. Five inch slab will take five months.

I don't have five months. What can I do?

Let us install a Moisture Control System and you will be able to install your floor covering tomorrow.


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